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Company «Fort» - additives for concrete, plasticizers, concrete hardening accelerators

We can be partners with you!

If you are on our site, you are likely connected with the construction industry or building materials! Right? And your enterprise manufactures bulk concrete mixtures or concrete products, you run a construction laboratory, you concretize in the oil and gas industry, you have your own production of Dry Building Mixtures, you sell building materials?

Once again - we can become partners with you!
We have considerable experience in working with large enterprises in the construction and oil and gas industries. We know exactly that the delivery time, the quality of products, the correct design of all documentation should be at the highest level and on time! Otherwise, they will no longer cooperate with us in the future. We strictly monitor this.

We value our partnership with the country’s largest corporations:

Партнеры ООО

Managers of companies selling construction materials we are ready to offer to expand the assortment. Why our products? Flexible approach to cooperation, favorable working conditions, high quality, honesty and responsibility to partners. This is our approach! 

Fort Company Assortment:
Hardening accelerator with plasticizing effect
Additives for Winter Casting
Superplasticizer for commercial concrete
Superplasticizer for DBI
Additives for Waterproof Concrete
Concrete Chemicals
Hyperplasticizer for PBI with TB
Superplasticizer for precast reinforced concrete
Plasticizer for paving tiles, curbs
Complex modifiers for hydraulic engineering
Superplasticizer for small architectural shapes
Additive for Vibration Compressed Products
Accelerators for foam concrete, concrete
The products are produced in the form of aqueous solutions of the required concentration and in the form of water-soluble powders.

By the way, you can also send us your offer on cooperation in your region. We offer a job as an official representative/dealer, sales agent, etc. We will certainly consider such an offer and will contact you to discuss the terms and conditions of work.

Our email address:

Fort has been in the construction chemistry market since 2004. In our person you will receive not only a supplier of quality products, but also a reliable partner - a financially sustainable company with a long history. Information on the high reliability ratio of the partner can be found on specialized portals on the Internet.

Development of Fort products is carried out in close cooperation with specialists of Russian research institutions such as NIIZB (Moscow), Dr. Jacobson M.Y. (Moscow), St. Petersburg State University of Railways (St. Petersburg), RS "Institute of BelNIIS" (Minsk) and other scientists of our country and abroad.

If you have any questions or would like to offer us something, please call us or fill in the feedback form on the product description pages.

All chemical additives for concrete comply with European standards and environmentally friendly production. We work to make your concrete better!